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The Netherlands is a country in the north-central part of Europe. It is one of the BeNeLux-countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg). The Netherlands has 17 Mio residents and an area of 41’543 square kilometers. The GDP is 413 trillion Euros which results in a GDP per capita of around 42’000€. Thre Netherlands was a founding member of the NATO in 1949 and also a founding member of the EU in 1957. The Netherlands adopted the Euro in 2002.


The Capital of the Netherlands is Amsterdam. Other big cities are Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht.


Foundation of a company

For the foundation of a company the necessary capital has to be deposited in a blocked bank account. When this is the case the company can be officially founded with the assistance of a notary.


The business has to be registered in the trade register of the Chamber of Commerce. They will need the legal form and the name of the company. Then the tax authorities have to be contacted. They will make a provisional assessment of the business and decide which taxes are applicable and provide the necessary registration numbers (i.e. VAT number).