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Belgium is a country in the north-central part of Europe. It is one of the BeNeLux-countries (Belgium, Netherlands, and Luxembourg). Belgium has 11 Mio residents and an area of 30’500 square kilometers. The GDP is 413 Euros which results in a GDP per capita of around 38’000€. Belgium was a founding member of the NATO in 1949 and also a founding member of the EU in 1957. Belgium adopted the Euro in 2002.


Belgium is divided in two autonomous regions. Flanders lies in the north of Belgium. The residents mainly speak Dutch. Wallonia lies in the south. The residents mainly speak French and a minority also German. The capital Brussels lies approximately in the middle between the two regions. It is bilingual (French & Dutch).


Foundation of a company

In order to be able to set up a business in Belgium a visa and professional card have to be granted to the founder of the company. Then a unique company number has to be given to the business by an approved authority. Then the company has to be registered for the VAT with the tax office. When the needed capital is deposited in a blocked capital account the deed of incorporation can be done with a notary.