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Investment & Financial Management


Asset Management

We can manage all different kinds of assets of our clients. Whether they have immovable assets such as property, cars, financial assets such as shares, bank accounts, deposits, or other investments, we can take perfect care of them while the clients are unavailable.



In cooperation with local banks we support our clients in getting a mortgage on their acquired property. Our expertise and engagement secures favorable conditions and treatment for our clients. Of course we will also provide the service of collecting the needed documents and information and giving it to the bank. This ensures that our clients do not have to worry about these formalities.


Mergers and Acquisitions

If our clients are interested in an acquisition to be made in Europe or a merger with a European firm we can assist by examining the possibilities for a merger or acquisition, provide advice, and cooperate with the best firm experienced in conducting mergers and acquisitions. Naturally, we are able to find the perfect firms for our clients to acquire or merge with. When our clients provide the expectations they have concerning a merger or acquisition we can make sure they are paired with the right partners for them.