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Taxes and Accounting


Taxation Services

Offset input and turnover tax

We help our customers with their corporate taxes and handling of the turnover tax / VAT and input tax. We show them how to offset the two taxes in order to save their money.


VAT number

We also offer assistance in getting the necessary details from the tax authorities, such as VAT number etc. This way a trouble free handling of the taxes in accordance with the local law is guaranteed.


Tax advice

In cooperation with local tax advisers and lawyer we can offer the best possible tax outcome for our clients. This covers corporate taxes, personal income taxes and Non-resident taxes. This package will be provided in cooperation with our local partners to ensure the peculiarities are minded.



Bank account supervision

We are able to supervise the bank accounts of our clients. This is to ensure that there are no complications or other inconveniences.


Handling of accounting transactions

We have the capability to take on our customers accounting. We guarantee a complete and professional bookkeeping. This provides a clear and profound insight into the functionality of the firm. Also accounting regulations of the European countries for companies will be met this way.


What we cannot provide, are audit related services. But of course, we can be of help by arranging the audit with a third party firm specialized in audits in accordance with relevant regulatory standards and requirements.